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The web-site is published and maintained by the Russian-Ukrainian Geomagnetic Data Center (RUGDC) operated by the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GC RAS).

The RUGDC aims at promotion of practical implementation of modern scientific and technological developments oriented primarily at improving the efficiency of studying the magnetic field of the Earth.

Geomagnetic data become available for the world scientific community in accordance with cooperation agreements between GC RAS and institutions, which operate the observatories and transmit data to the RUGDC (Partners). A list of participating observatories and stations and their operating institutes is available in OBSERVATORIES section.

Main goals of cooperation between the Partners include creating conducive conditions for magnetic monitoring, data collecting and obtained information exchange in the framework of creating Russian-Ukrainian INTERMAGNET segment, providing conditions to promote innovative activities of relevant institutions in this area.

All the results of joint scientific activities obtained in the framework of cooperation between the Partners, except confidential ones, will become available for national and international scientific and technical community.

INTERMAGNET observatories transmit their data both to the RUGDC and Geomagnetic Information Nodes according to the rules of INTERMAGNET.


The RUGDC promotes by all means maintenance and extension of magnetic observations of INTERMAGNET standard in Russia through implementing information and organizational support, as well as providing digital magnetometric equipment from inventory.

The RUGDC ensures storage, preservation, conversion and visualization of data, transmitted from the Russian and Ukrainian magnetic observatories and stations, at the RUGDC web-site and provides open data access through web-services.

The RUGDC keeps records of magnetic data queries through the web-site and sends monthly bulletins with this information to observatories.


Geomagnetic data at the RUGDC can be downloaded via a web-browser. The availability of data is dependent on the publishing delay of participating Partners. Preliminary INTERMAGNET data may be available via INTERMAGNET, one of the World Data Centres or the observatory contact of the specific magnetic observatories.

The RUGDC data are available as graphic magnetograms or as digital data sets.

FTP access to the RUGDC data is available on request. To request this service please send an e-mail to geomag‹at›gcras‹dot›ru.


The Partners invest considerable resources to operate their magnetic observatories and stations. Accordingly, the following conditions of use of geomagnetic data provided through the RUGDC are applied.

The data of magnetic observations made available through the RUGDC are provided for free use for scientific, educational and other non-commercial purposes. Nevertheless, we recognize the commercial value of geomagnetic data and derived products, which are available in near real time.

The data made available through the RUGDC are not for commercial use or sale or distribution to third parties without the written permission of the institution operating the corresponding observatory.

For commercial use of some data (e.g. prospection campaigns), the RUGDC should be informed at first (geomag‹at›gcras‹dot›ru); the precise list of observatories, concerned dates and the purpose of work should be indicated.

The Partners undertake to safeguard the interests of fellow participants, concerning the commercial usage of their data.

When downloading data your e-mail is requested for the collection of statistics.


When using any information from the web-site a reference to the RUGDC with indication of the web-address is required.

Publications making use of the RUGDC data should include an acknowledgement to observatories, operating institutions and the RUGDC.

If the information used contains data of INTERMAGNET observatories, a reference according to INTERMAGNET data acknowledgement terms is also required.

In case the ESA's (European Space Agency) Swarm data are downloaded, ESA should be acknowledged explicitly.

A citation reference should be sent to geomag‹at›gcras‹dot›ru for inclusion in a Publications list on the RUGDC web-site.


The RUGDC does everything possible to provide accurate and up-to-date information, when it is posted on the web-site. However, the RUGDC does not guarantee the accuracy, precision or completeness of the information provided on the web-site. The information contained on the web-site is not contractual and may change at any time.

Access to the web-site can be interrupted at any time, without notice, especially in cases of force majeure or maintenance works. The RUGDC has the right to suspend or terminate the operation of the web-site.

The web-site may contain links to web-sites operated by the Partners or third parties. The RUGDC is not responsible for the content of these web-sites and does not guarantee their compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


We are grateful to all the Partners (institutions and research teams), which provide geomagnetic observations and the results of the preliminary analysis in a real (and quasi-real) time mode to the RUGDC.

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